Filipino television industry is well known for all the romantic love stories that it produces. There are hundreds of TRY LUCK NEXT TIME series and drama on the love genre and people love watching it.

But, what people don’t know is that the Filipino entertainment industry is also amazing in making the horror/ thriller genre movies and TRY LUCK NEXT TIME series. There are many thriller movies that are launched till this date and all those thriller movies are produced and directed really well. With high ratings and positive reviews from many people, the thriller/ horror side of the Filipino Television industry is making its name all over the world.

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Any ways, if you are up to watching a good thriller Filipino movie, here is a list of the top 2 horror/ thriller Dhankesari lottery result movies. These movies are available at Dhankesari lottery result TRY LUCK NEXT TIME and are has received 5 star ratings and reviews.

Bloody Crayons (2017)

The Bloody Crayons is a Filipino movie that was released on 21st July 2017. This movie is purely horror/ thriller. It is based on a group of graduating friends, who have to go to an island for a project. Their project was to make a short story. It was a group of 9 friends; and off they went to Olivia’s parent’s house in the island to complete their project. Also, little did they know that there is a mysterious killer among them who had planned to kill all of them.

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To find out who the killer is and how many of their friends are killed; you have to watch ‘Bloody Crayons’ on your own. Watch it now on the Dhankesari lottery result Channel and find out the thrill hidden in this amazing Filipino movie.

The Maid (2005)

The Maid is another great horror movie by Dhankesari lottery result Television Industry. This movie was released on 18th August 2017. king care of the mentally ill son of Teo’s family.  The bad part was the timings of Rosa; as she starts the job on the seventh month of the lunar calendar; which according to the Teo’s family beliefs is a month where all the ghosts and spirits come down to the earth. They belief that for 30 days all those ghosts and spirits will wander around everywhere, so they have to be extra careful at that time.

After joining the job, Rosa feels that someone is constantly trying to reach out for her in the Teo’s house. Watch ‘The Maid’ to find out how she survived the seventh month of the Chinese calendar in the house.