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Bhutan Lottery Result Today

Bhutan State Lottery Result Today of Valley Kanchenjunga Lottery – 11:55 AM Morning, 4:00 PM Day (Afternoon), and 8:00 PM (Evening / Night) Live on Please check the below Result to win Bhutan Lottery Number.

Today’s Result

Bhutan State Lottery 11:55 AM

Bhutan Lottery 11:55AM Result

Bhutan 6:00 PM result:

Bhutan State Lottery 08:00 PM:

Kanchenjunga Bhutan Lottery

Bhutan State Lottery Ticket Details:

There are Total number of tickets is 7. In Bhutan Kanchenjunga weekly lotteries is conducted by the Bhutan State Lottery with a 1st- Prize of ₹10,000/-.

The price of each ticket of Bhutan Lottery costs ₹5/-. The draw of Bhutan State lottery is conducted thrice a day at 11:55 AM, 4 PM, and 8 PM with different type of schemes depending on both draw day and draw time.

Name & Timing of Bhutan State Lottery:

Below is the table showing Day by Day Name of Bhutan state lottery result and timing of the Draw.

Day Name11:55 AM (Morning)4:00 PM (Day)8:00 PM (Evening)
MondayNallaneram MorningSuper DayQueen Evening
TuesdayKumaran MorningDelux DayStar Evening
WednesdayVishnu MorningRose DayKing Evening
ThursdayThangam MorningSincere DayLucky Evening
FridayParrot MorningSilver DayGlamour Evening
SaturdayPeacock MorningGender DayVenus Evening
SundayBulbul MorningBenefit DayPower Evening
Bhutan lottery Name and Timing Table Today

Bhutan State Lottery Prize Details:

There are total number of Draw in Bhutan state Lottery is Seven 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & a Cons Prize. Prize amount range of Bhutan Lottery is from ₹ 130 to ₹ 10000. Below is the table of Bhutan lottery Prize & amount Distribution for you.

Lottery RankWinning Prize Amount (in ₹)
1st Prize ₹ 10,000
Cons. Prize ₹ 2000
2nd Prize ₹ 9500
3rd Prize ₹ 9000
4th Prize ₹ 600
5th Prize ₹ 300
6th Prize ₹ 130
Bhutan Lottery Prize Table

Bhutan State Lottery Result Today:

Perhaps if you are looking for Bhutan Lottery Result Today or Bhutan Lucky Lottery Result. If that is the case then you’re at the right place. Welcoming you to the Bhutan State Lottery Results today 11:55 a.m. and 4 p.m. , 8 p.m. We will announce results for the Bhutan Lottery Result Today 9.1.2022, The Bhutan Maruti result for today, Bhutan Dhanasree lottery result exclusively on this website. On this site you can view and check the entire Lottery Sambad Today Results in the correct time.

About Bhutan Lottery Sambad Today:

However, we will publish this information every day. Bhutan Lucky Lottery Result Every day and today here. We ask that you check your results. Bhutan daily bumper results as well as that of the Bhutan State Lottery Aaj. Raja Rani Bhutan Lottery or Bhutan Lottery coupon costs only Rs.5. While you wait, it is possible to could be a winner of up to $11,000 today when you purchase this Bhutan Lucky Lottery ticket. Maybe you will find that this Bhutan State Lottery Sambad will be fortunate for you.

Bhutan State Lottery Result Today:

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Maybeyou’re trying to locate Bhutan Lottery Results todayin live play at 11am. Here will be what you will find on the page Bhutan Lottery Results This Daypage on Bhutan Lottery But the Bhutan results of the lottery from 11 am to 4 pm to 7 pm today will be posted exclusively here. If you’re an everyday Bhutan lottery ticket purchaser, we suggest saving this page on your mobile device’s web browser.

Today Bhutan Lucky Lottery 11.55 am Result:

Perhaps you’re searching for the result of the Bhutan state lottery which began at 11:55 am If so, you’re on the right site. Below is a today Bhutan daily bumper result at 11.55 am. Bhutan lottery officials will announce they will announce the today 2022 Bhutan Dhanasree Lottery Result at 11.55 am.

You are able to view real-time Bhutan Lottery Results starting at 11.55 every morning starting at 11.55 am. Additionally, you are able to download and save the pdf file of results of the Bhutan lucky lottery results. Additionally, you can look up all of the Dear Day and Dear Evening lottery results available between 4 and 8 hours on the website. Bhutan Lottery website.

As we wait for the results, we will post an update on the result of this Lottery in Bhutan which will be announced today in the morning , at 11.55 am. Therefore, we suggest that you check this page to know what transpired with the Bhutan most luckiest lotto results of today 2022. Download a copy of this outcome as a PDF file. Bhutan Lottery Today’s Results at 12:20 pm.

Bhutan Dhanasree Lottery 4:00 pm Result:

Perhaps you’re trying to find the Bhutan Dhanasree Lottery Results at 4 pm? If so then you’re invited to visit this Bhutan Lottery Website. The site allows you to can view the results of this lottery. Bhutan State Lottery 4 pm results on the today. Bhutan Lottery official will announce the Bhutan result on the day of today 2022, at 4pm.

However, you can download the daily Raja Rani Bhutan Result’s PDF from the Bhutan Lottery official website. We also release the Bhutan Lottery result at 4:15 pm on this website. Therefore, we suggest that you save this page in order you can view the results live. Bhutan State Lottery result live at 4 pm.


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