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Bhutan State Lottery Result

Bhutan state lottery Result Today

Bhutan State Lottery Result Today of Kanchenjunga / Dhanshree Lottery – 11:55 AM ( Dear-Morning) , 4:00 PM (Dear-Day), and 8:00 PM (Dear-Evening or Night) Live on

Today Result

Bhutan 11:55 AM

Bhutan Lottery Result 4:00 PM

Bhutan State Lottery 8:00 PM

Bhutan State Lottery Timing & Tickets:

Welcome you are looking for Bhutan Lottery Result Today Today or Bhutan Lucky Lottery Result. If yes then you’ve come to the right website. Bhutan State Lottery Results This morning, 11:55 AM ( Morning). 4.30 PM (Day). 8 PM ( Evening ) .So, we will publish this result, the Bhutan results Today and the Bhutan Maruti result for today, Bhutan Dhanasree lottery result only on this website. On this site you can find the entire Lottery Sambad today results in the exact time.

Seven Kanchenjunga weekly lotteries that are run through the Bhutan State Lottery with a first prize of Rs10 K -. Each ticket is Rs5 INR Only. The Daily Draw takes place three times Every day, at 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM and 8 PM. The draw is conducted with various schemes based on draws day, and drawing timing. Scheme name and Day Changes Every day.

Bhutan State Lottery Timing Table:

Day Name11:55 AM ( Morning )4:00 PM ( Day )8:00 PM ( Evening/ Night )
Monday ( सोमवार )Nallaneram MorningSuper DayQueen Evening
Tuesday ( मंगलवार )Kumaran MorningDelux DayStar Evening
Wednesday ( बुधवार )Vishnu MorningRose DayKing Evening
Thursday ( गुरुवार )Thangam MorningSincere DayLucky Evening
Friday ( शुक्रवार )Parrot MorningSilver DayGlamour Evening
Saturday ( शनिवार )Peacock MorningGender DayVenus Evening
Sunday ( रविवार )Bulbul MorningBenefit DayPower Evening
Bhutan Lottery Timing Table & Nams

Bhutan State Lottery Prize Details:

Rank No.Prize Winning Amount (INR)
1st Prize10,000 Rupees
Const. Prize2000 Rupees
2nd Prize9500 Rupees
3rd Prize9000 Rupees
4th Prize600 Rupees
5th Prize300 Rupees
6th Prize130 Rupees
Bhutan State Lottery Prize Amount

Bhutan State Result Today:

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Maybe, you’re searching to find Bhutan Lottery Result Today live at 11am. This is the page Bhutan Lottery Results This day page on Dhankesari. However the Bhutan result from 11 am 4 pm, 7 pm today will only be available on this page. If you’re a regular Bhutan lottery coupon holder we recommend you Bookmark this page in your mobile Chrome Browser device.

Bhutan State Lucky Lottery Result 11.55 AM Morning:

Are you looking for the results of the Bhutan lottery that is held at 11:55 am Do you know? Then you’re in the right place. Below, you’ll see Today Bhutan daily bumper results. Today Bhutan daily bumper result at 11.55 am. Bhutan lottery officials will declare it will be the Today Bhutan Dhanasree Lottery Result at 11.55 am.

It is possible to view real-time Bhutan Lottery Results beginning at 11.55 every morning beginning at 11.55 am. Additionally you have the option for downloading the PDF file of this Bhutan most luckiest lottery result. Additionally, you can view details of Dear Day and Dear Evening lottery results, which are accessible from 4 pm until 8pm on their site. Bhutan Lottery website.

As we wait, we will announce the results of the lottery which will be announced in the early morning, around 11.55 am. We suggest that you visit this page to learn the Bhutan Lucky Lottery results Today. Download the pdf file of the lottery results today at 12:20pm.

Bhutan State Dhanasree Lottery 4:00PM Day:

Are you looking for information regarding how to check the Bhutan Dhanasree Lottery Results in the evening at around 4pm? you are then go to the Bhutan Lottery website. There you can get information regarding this Bhutan State Lottery 4pm result for the Today. Bhutan Lottery official will announce the Bhutan result on the same day of the draw on Today at 4pm.

It is possible to download the current day Raja Rani Bhutan Result’s PDF from the Bhutan Lottery official website. Additionally, we will reveal the Bhutan Lottery result at 4:15 pm on this website. We suggest the page be saved to ensure you can check the results in real time. Bhutan State Lottery result live at 4pm.

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Overview Bhutan Daily Bumper Lottery Result:

Organization NsmeBhutan Lucky Daily Bumper
Lottery Draw NameBhutan State Lucky Lottery
Prize Money (1st Prize)Rs. 25 Lakh
Prize Money (2nd Prize)Rs. 10 Lakh
Prize Money (3rd Prize)Rs. 5 Lakh
Draw Days & TimingMonday To Sunday Thrice A Day
Draw time11:55 AM, 04:00 PM & 07:00 PM
Bhutan State Lottery Details

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Is Bhutan a sambad lottery?

If you’re lucky, you could win a huge amount of money. Because you are aware of the lottery sambad , it is an amazing lottery game which was first introduced in india which means you can buy a lottery ticket in five Rupees and sit back and wait for your Bhutan lottery result on our site.

How can I play jackpot in Bhutan lottery?

How to win What to win: To win, you must make sure that you match the Exact numbers on the ticket (ticket) to the numbers that won of the Bhutan lottery Draw. Following the draw the bonus ball will draw from all the numbers. Make sure to match the Bonus Ball for greater chances of winning.

Is lottery legal in Bhutan?

By The Section 429 section of the Information Communications and Media (ICM) Act of Bhutan 2018 bans gambling on the internet. … Bhutan Lottery, a State-owned Enterprise (SoE) is the sole licensed lotto operator operating within Bhutan.

How can I buy Lotto in Bhutan?

Please do visit the Buy the Bhutan lotteries from or you conact us for more details.

Who organize Bhutan state lottery Result ?

Similar to Nagaland, Bhutan state authorities allow the purchasing and selling of lotteries where the funds generated are utilized for its implementation of different federal schemes in addition to for its entire development where the essential requirements of its citizens are adhered into.