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Dhankesari 8 PM

Dhankesari Lottery Result Evening

Today’s Result

Dhankesari Lottery 8:00 PM Result

Below is the Today’s Result

Dhankesari 8 PM Result Today

On a daily basis Dhankesari Results announced at 8:00 pm. Anyone who has Dhankesari lottery tickets may have result at this site. Keep an eye on this page to see and download Dhankesari most recent results of the day on this page. Dhankesari is among the most renowned lottery in India. You should try your luck at least once in your lifetime. Find the daily Dhankesari results on this page. Dhankesari Today’s Lottery Results will be posted on this page. If you want to know more regarding Dhankesari lottery, be on the lookout for us. We will notify you of Dhankesari result as soon as we can. Join our website to view the daily results of Dhankesari. Check the daily lottery sambad result on this page. We will update you with the results of the lottery sambad as well. You can check the lottery sambad results today as well as the lottery results from yesterday’s sambad on our website. There is also a way to check the results of previous lottery sambad and more.

Dear Evening 8:00 PM Tickets Names

Day NameTicket Name
Monday ( Somwar )Dear Flamingo Evening
Tuesday ( Mangalwar )Dear Parrot Evening
Wednesday ( Budhwar )Dear Eagle Evening
Thursday ( Guruwar )Dear Falcon Evening
Friday ( Shukarwar )Dear Vulture Evening
Saturday ( Shaniwar )Dear Ostrich Evening
Sunday ( Raviwar )Dear Hawk Evening

Dear Evening 8:00 PM Prize Distribution

RankNo. of PrizesAmount of Prize (in ₹)Super Prize Amount (in ₹)
1.1₹ 99,00,000₹ 1,00,000
Cons.699₹ 1,000₹ 500
2.7,000₹ 9,000₹ 500
3.70,000₹ 500₹ 50
4.70,000₹ 250₹ 20
5.7,00,000₹ 120₹ 10
Dhankesari 8 pm Result Prize amount table

About Dhankesari 8 PM Result

The 3rd and most well-known lottery is known the Nagaland State Lottery draw held at 8:00 pm. The majority of people opt to purchase Nagaland state lottery tickets to be a winner. It is among the most well-known and popular lottery in India. Keep in touch with us to know dhankesari lottery results at 8:00 pm. Find out Dhankesari lottery results today on

Dhankesari Lottery Sambad 1 PM

Dhankesari Lottery Sambad 6 PM

Dhankesari Evening Result Today

Dhankesari Lottery Result. Sambad Lottery Result Online. Everyone can access your results on Lottery Sambad today’s result Old Result, yesterday Results on our website. The person who rouses late to problem realizes the that time is running out, so be calm. If you’re here to check your lottery winnings this morning, then you can tap the association shown above. Best of luck with you Lottery results. The ones who are very excited about the results of the sambad lottery are advised to access to the result and view all Sambad lottery results according to the scheduled timings. Keep reading to find out Dhankesari Lottery result today. It is possible to see similar the past results of the sambad lottery. Sambad lottery guidelines will also be available here. We’ll also provide you with a sambad lottery figure paper. For more details with about the Sambad lotteries, please submit your request to us in shape.


1. What is Lottery Sambad 8PM?

Answer: Lottery Sambad 8PM is a lottery game conducted by the West Bengal State Government and conducted daily at 8PM. It is one of the three lottery games that the state government conducts daily.

2. What are the prizes for winning the Lottery Sambad 8PM?

Answer: The winners of the Lottery Sambad 8PM can win anywhere from Rs. 12, 500 to Rs. 1 crore depending on the lottery ticket purchased.

3. What is the cost of purchasing a Lottery Sambad 8PM ticket?

Answer: The ticket cost of the Lottery Sambad 8PM depends on the lottery ticket purchased. The ticket cost can range from Rs. 6 to Rs. 30.

4. How can I purchase a ticket for the Lottery Sambad 8PM?

Answer: Tickets for the Lottery Sambad 8PM can be purchased from authorized lottery sellers located in West Bengal.

5. How do I check the results of the Lottery Sambad 8PM?

Answer: The results of the Lottery Sambad 8PM can be checked online on the official website of the West Bengal State Lottery, or through various other websites.