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Punjab State Lottery Result

Today’s Result

Punjab State Lotteries Department Directorate has released outcomes of State Lottery in Punjab. Result this afternoon at 4 pm. You can verify the lottery winner, the name of the lottery and the prize. Candidates who purchased the Punjab State Lottery Ticket can Check the Punjab Lottery Result Draw through the official website at

Punjab State lottery result
Punjab State Lottery Scheme

Punjab State Lottery Result Today of Dear Monthly Lottery and Bumper Lottery Live on Lottery Sambad. Punjab Lottery Result is announced on our website.

Check All Punjab state Lottery Result:

Punjab Lottery Name Lottery Draw DateDownload/ View Result
Punjab State Dear Diwali Bumper 4:30 PM08/11/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday07/11/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 1000 Saturday06/11/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday05/11/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday04/11/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday03/11/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday02/11/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday01/11/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday31/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 1000 Saturday30/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday29/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday28/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday27/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday26/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday25/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday24/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 1000 Saturday23/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday22/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday21/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday20/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Lottery Result
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday19/10/2021 VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday18/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday17/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 1000 Saturday16/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday15/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday14/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday13/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday12/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday11/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday10/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 1000 Saturday09/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday08/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday07/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday06/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday05/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday04/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday03/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday01/10/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday30/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday29/09/2021VIEW
Punjab Lottery Sambad
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday28/09/2021 VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday27/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday26/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 1000 Saturday25/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday24/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday23/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday22/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday21/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday20/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday19/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 1000 Saturday18/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday17/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday16/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday15/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday14/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday13/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday12/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 1000 Saturday11/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday10/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday09/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Lottery Result Today
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday08/09/2021 VIEW
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday07/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday06/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday05/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 1000 Saturday04/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday03/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday02/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday01/09/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday31/08/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday30/08/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 20 Sunday29/08/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 1000 Saturday28/08/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 500 Friday27/08/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 250 Thursday26/08/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear Rakhi Bumper 202126/08/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 200 Wednesday25/08/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 100 Tuesday24/08/2021VIEW
Punjab State Dear 50 Monday23/08/2021VIEW
Punjab Lottery Result Date Wise

Punjab State Dear Lottery Weekly:

There are many types of Punjab State Lotteries like Weekly , Monthly, Evently. Below is the details of Punjab State Lottery results weekly Details Chart.

Punjab Lottery Name1st Prize Amount Distribution Details (in INR)
Punjab Dear 50 Monday200000 (Seller INR2 Lakhs + Sub Agent ₹1 Lakhs Total Amount ₹23 Lakhs)
Punjab Dear 100 Tuesday40 Lakhs (Seller ₹2 Lakhs + Sub Agent ₹1 Lakhs Total Amount ₹43 Lakhs)
Punjab Dear 200 Wednesday50 Lakhs (Seller ₹2 Lakhs + Sub Agent ₹1 Lakhs Total Amount ₹53 Lakhs)
Punjab Dear 250 Thursday60 Lakhs (Seller ₹2 Lakhs + Sub Agent ₹1 Lakhs Total Amount ₹63 Lakhs)
Punjab Dear 500 Friday75 Lakhs (Seller ₹2 Lakhs + Sub Agent ₹1 Lakhs Total Amount ₹78 Lakhs)
Punjab Dear 1000 Saturday1.25 Crores (Seller ₹2 Lakhs + Sub Agent ₹1 Lakhs Total Amount ₹1.28 Crores)
Punjab Dear 20 Sunday10 Lakhs (Seller ₹2 Lakhs + Sub Agent ₹1 Lakhs Total Amount ₹13 Lakhs)
Punjab State Weekly Lottery Prize Details

Punjab State Monthly Dear Lottery:

Punjab State Dear 200 Monthly Lottery Result Today Live on Today At 6 PM – Download Punjab State Lotteries Results Winner List Pdf @ On this page , we provide the latest news and updates regarding Punjab State Lottery Dear 200 Monthly Results 2022 Draw Date and time. Lottery purchasers can also check here for the latest 200 monthly Lottery Results Winner List PDF download and browse this page to view the Punjab State Lottery Winner Name List/ Winning Ticket number Results and Prizes for Winners.

Punjab State Lottery Name1st Prize Amount (in INR)
Punjab Dear 2000 Monthly5 Crores (Seller ₹20 Lakhs + Sub Agent ₹5 Lakhs Total Amount ₹5.25 Cr.)
Punjab Dear 5000 Monthly1 Crores (Seller ₹4 Lakhs + Sub Agent ₹1 Lakh Total Amount ₹1.05 Cr.)
Punjab Dear 500 Monthly1.5 Crores (Seller ₹5 Lakhs + Sub Agent ₹2 Lakhs Total Amount ₹1.57 Cr.)
Punjab State Monthly Lottery Result

Dear 200 Monthly Lottery Details:

Punjab State Dear 200 Monthly Lottery Result 2022

Organization NameDirectorate of Punjab State Lotteries
Lottery NameDear 200 Monthly Lottery 2022
Total No. of Tickets5 Lakh Total Tickets
Ticket PriceINR. 200/- Per Ticket
Draw Date & TimeToday – 6:00 PM
1st Prize Amount1Crore 20 Lakhs
Official Lottery
Punjab State Lottery Draw Details

Punjab State Dear 200 Lottery Monthly Prize Scheme 2022

Prize NamePrize Amount
1st PrizeRs. 1 Crore 20 Lakhs
2nd PrizeRs. 10 Thousand
3rd PrizeRs. 5 Thousand
4th PrizeRs. 3 Thousand-
5th PrizeRs. 2 Thousand
6th PrizeRs. 1 Thousand
Punjab State Dear 200 Lottery Prize

Punjab State Lottery Result Live Today: 2022 Punjab State Lottery Today Result PDF Download Now: Punjab State Lotteries Department means Directorate has delivered the Punjab State Lottery Result on today 2022 at 4 PM. All The winners of Punjab lottery can check out the winners as well as names of the winners, and that’s just the beginning of the Iceberg.

 Applicants who bought the Punjab State Lottery Ticket can Check the Punjab Lottery Result Draw through the authority site at Punjab State Lottery 2022 Result Live Direct Link check here. The applicants can access the complete list of winners of the lottery held by the state in PDF format by clicking on these links for direct downloads. 

Punjab state lottery result today
Punjab state lottery Winner

Those competitors who bought the Punjab State Lottery Ticket can test Punjab Lottery Result Draw through this page or official site connect The Like-Gandhi Brothers Lottery  in Punjab as well as Punjab State lottery results 2022 are currently live.


It is expected that the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries will hold the “Lottery Draw” for the Punjab State Lottery. The authorized agency of this is the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries will announce the results from this draw at 04:00 pm. Punjab Lottery Result today at 4:00 pm.

Anyone who purchases the Lottery Ticket are keen to learn the outcome from their Lottery drawing. It is possible to download the Lottery number PDF file is now accessible to download. Lottery numbers are in the PDF file to read the entire information.

Once it is announced Punjab State Lottery Result, participants will be able to view the results of results from PB State Lotteries Today result including the 1st Prize, Second Prize, 3rd Prize 4th Prize and the winners list for the 6th Prize in PDF. The winners will be informed that they will be informed that the Punjab Lottery first prize is 2 Crore. The second prize is 1 Crore.

Candidates can view the Winner List and Lottery Number on this page, from the section below.The prizes listed below will be awarded in line to the draw. The draw will take place through the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries. The cost for tickets for the Punjab Lottery Results ticket will be. 500$. 

The 1st Prize for winner (Two Person). The today result will be published today. People who want to test your Punjab state lottery results today will be able to examine their lottery numbers and then play at 4.30 pm with them. Once the Lottery Results is announced, our team will enable the link below.

By using “Lottery Tickets No”, “Type/ Category” and the name of the winning ticket” Anyone who is interested and eligible have access to The Punjab StateMonthly Lottery Prize. Additionally, you can check details on the Winners Prize List. Find all the information i.e. First Prize Cash 2nd Prize Cash, 3rd Prize Cash, and various other details.

It is also possible to access the prize-winning ticket Claim form link. We’ll post the results on this page when the results are announced. This page contains all the details about the prize table for lottery winners, as shown below on the form for table . You are able to try the table.


Here is the collection of some frequently asked questions related to Punjab state lottery result. Which everybody wants to know and google it.

Can other state person buy Punjab lottery?

Absolutely yes, according to the guidelines and rules set forth in the Punjab State Lotteries, Everyone, not just Punjab but anyone across the globe can take part in these lottery schemes and claim Jackpot prizes.

Who is the winner of Punjab State Lottery ?

In Punjab State lotteries there are three types of lottery Weekly, Monthly, Bumper. The latest winner of Punjab State Lottery is A senior citizen from the area, Businessmen Kewal Chand Garg Engine Wala is the proud Prize winner of the inaugural prize of Rs . 2 crore from the Dear Diwali lottery of Punjab State. Bumper lottery.

Is Lotto is legal in Punjab State ?

Yes, The lottery is legal in Punjab state only State lottery is legal in punjab. State lotteries in Punjab is organised by Government of Punjab state. Your Can check the daily result of punjab state lottery on our site.

Is Punjab State Lottery genuine Quora?

13. Indian states have legalized the lottery , which includes Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, Sikkim along with West Bengal. Lottery remains not legal in 16 other Indian states.

Which lottery is best in Punjab?

Dear lottery by Punjab State lotteries is the best among the four lotteries Weekly, Monthly, Daily, And Bumper. And Dear lotteries is the best selling lottery across Punjab state .You can buy the ticket for Punjab state lotteries from our site.

Can I buy Punjab State Lottery online?

Yes you can buy the Punjab state lottery ticket from our site . Currently only Weekly Punjab Lottery Tickets is available for sale on our website. You Can Whats App on. Only Packing and shipping charges for lottery ticket is applicable 50 & 100 .

How to Win Punjab State Lottery ?

To win Punjab lottery you have to buy Tickets for Punjab state lottery. You can buy Weekly, MOnthly and Bumper tickets to win. After purchasing Tickets you can check draw results of Punjab state lottery on our Website.

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